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B   -   p u p p i e s

Bianka Adamův Hrádek
Bianka Adamův Hrádek, CAJC, 2x CAC

Jasper Plavý vítr
Jasper Plavý vítr, Champ. CR, CAC, CACIB, BOB, exam: ZOP, ZPU 1
The most succesful Hovawart of 2004, 5/3aAA -
1. Class of breeding, DKK 0/0

They met: 25. 4. 2005.
Birth: 26.6.2005

On Saturday 25. 6. 2005 Bianka still feels OK, she doesn´t eat her dog´s food, but when we offered her chicken, she eats it immediately. During the night she is disquiet, she is walking along the house and 2 Days After Bornthe garage, breathes quickly and has aches. She needs to go out several times. Early in the morning she sleeps for a while. The situation is going on during the Sunday till 17.17, when the first puppy was born. It is black and gold dog, then at 19.08 blond dog and 19.47 another blond dog. 20.05 first bitch was born and she is black, more than one hour later, exactly at 21.25 again blond dog, 22.23 black dog and 23.03 another black dog, but he is quite small and doesn´t breathe correctly. We are afraid of him, but Bianka masages him with her tongue and we also helps her, fortunately after a few minutes the dog is OK. 23.35 the second bitch was born and she is black and gold 1 weekand big. Then Bianka calms down and has a rest, the puppies are lying at her and drinking her milk. I am waiting, because I see Bianka pushing from time to time. And at 02.10 the last puppy was born. It is blond dog, the biggest, he weighs 560 gs. And now we have 9 puppies, 7 dogs, 2 bitches. I am watching them, Bianka is tired, she starts sleeping. She deserves a rest, so I leave. It is 04.30.

First days after the birth Bianka doesn´t leave her babies not even a while. She looks after them and she worries about them. She doesn´t like me examining the puppies, if they don´t have any defects or when I have to weigh them to find out whether they drink enough and put some weigh on. Everything is OK. We aren´t very happy, when Bianka 2 Weekscarries her babies and try to hide them under a table or a case. On Thursday, when I come back from the shop, I find empty birth case in the garage and Bianka and the puppies in the bathroom under the staircase, in a place, where I keep backets, a baby bath, washing powders. So I put all the things away and let my dogs to stay there. Since Bianka has been in a calm. She is content with this place.

The puppies are growing very quickly. The tenth day they start opening eyes and try walking.
The same day they weigh twice more than at their birth. When they are 18 days old, they go out for the first time and taste milk gruel. They are so cute eating it and licking each other after that.

12. 7. I find first teeth. Two days later the puppies are out for the first time and they get milk gruel HAMI and they like it very much. First people, who are interested in buying our puppies, come on 16th July and they choose our youngest Benjamin. Two days later other people choose our black and gold bitch and they want to give her name after her mother. Because this evening I fill in application form for tattoo numbers, I can do it for them. So Bonitka is changed to Bianka.

When they are 4 weeks old, they get granules Royal canin / Baby dog for the first time. The biggest čz Boston, pl Beník a cč Bertík - 4 weeksBruno weighs 2,30 kgs and the smallest Bertik 1,50 kgs. The puppies start to play. Bianka jr is very is very curious and brave. Bertik, although the smallest, is not afraid even the biggest brother and barks at him and fights.

29. 7. The puppies are in a kennel for the first time. There are some of them, who does not like it, but generally thety accept it quite well. They go in a Bianka's kennel or they lie down on the floor around and sleep. But otherwise they are dogs liking human company and still they come in our house.

30. 7. They have their first bad experience with people. They are vaccinated and at the same time tattooed. They suffer and cry so much, my poor puppies. I believe them, that it hurt. And I feel sorry for them and guilty, that I let the vet hurt them and what more I cooperate with him. Bruno weighs 5,70 kgs, then Benjamin 5,60 kgs and Baltazar 5,30 kgs. Berenika is the smallest. Bertik has already been bigger.

15. 8. Mrs Valusova comes for the Check of the litter. She likes them, especially Bruno, Benjamin, Rodinné foto - 9 weeksBonifac and Bianka and Berenika.

Two days later our first dog leaves us. His new man wants to surprise his family and persuades me. Baltazar is 7 and half weeks old and weighs over 7 kgs. During the following weekend, when the puppies are 8 weeks old, Bruno, Benjamin, Bartolomej leave and on Monday Bianka jr. The last Boston leaves us when he is 2 months old, it means he leaves on 26. 8. Berenika stays at home. She weighs 7,5 kgs.

This time summer with puppies was much colder than last time. A - puppies were lucky that there was not any rain. But B - puppies had to hide not to get wet in the garage, in the kennel or somewhere else under the roof. I think they were bigger, but it could be because they were more dogs, less bitches. We were happy to have all three color variation. But we were totally desperade when two puppies died. It affected our joy from the puppies. Today, when they are 5 months old, I am able to write about it. Now
the joy is stronger.

Our Berenika is cheeky, she still bites her mother and draws her ear. She runs into a house, she chases our cats, jumps to children´s bed and then she runs downstairs again. But she is so beautiful. And when she calms down, she will be elegant black lady. I hope.

Boston goes to the dog's training center with us. He is pretty big dog. He can obey several commands. Only sometimes he prefers game to training. But I understand, it must be much more enjoyable.

Baltazar watches the house with a little girl and a big cat inside. He is very temperament and welcomes happily every visit. He will have to control his temperament, because his family expects a baby. His man takes him to the cottage into the mountains and there Baltazar is a good companion during walks in the forest.

Bianka jr has two animal friends - kittens. When her people need, she carries them in her mouth. And she is very tidy, too. She brings a wet cloth, when she does a mess before.

Bruno (Baky) - can give a paw, but at the training centre in Prague he learns also classical commands. He looks rather like a bear than a dog. Always he was the biggest.

Bartolomej -must be very intelligent, because his owner speaks at him two languages. He watches a big yard and a big house. Fortunately he isn't alone. He has a dog's companion.

Benjamin (Algo) - is very romantical. He likes flowers, butterflies, he examines birds and in free time he listens to Bach with his owner.



Berinka - 7 weeks

Beri 3 měsíce

Beri - 11 měsíců


Boston - 9 weeks

Boston na návštěvě

Boston, ležící, nespící


Baltazar - 7 weeks

Balatazar 10 měsíců

Bianka jr

Bianka - 7 weeks

Bianka jr.- 3 months

Bianka 11 měsíců


Bruno - 9 weeks

Bruno 8 měsíců

Bruno 10 měsíců


Bartoloměj 7 weeks


Benjamín v náruči - 5 weeks

Algo - 4 months

Benjamín 7 months

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