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Bianka - 3 monthBorn: 6. 5. 2000
Mother: Axa Zlaté oko
Father: All Tiger Black Mondeo
DKK: 0/0
Breeding assessment code: 5/2a4a/A4,D2,L5, N5/6
Titles: CAJC, 2x CAC, V1

I was born in the kennels of Adamův Hrádek in Lanžhot. My mother was Axa Zlaté oko (Axa Golden Eye) and father All Tiger Black Mondeo. I had 11 siblings. At the age of 4 weeks some people came and chose me, because the man liked how I fought for a place at mum´s breast and the woman liked the colour of my hair. After other 5 weeks, they came again and were very surprised how I had grown up. I weighed 9 kgs and looked like a small bear. They loved me from the first moment. Then they took me into a car and drove to Karviná - my new home. During my first journey I was sick and a bit afraid of the car, no wonder, it was my first experience with it. But later Průkaz původuI got used to it and now I love travelling. I feel offended when they leave me at home and go somewhere without me.
In February 2001 I was at a dog´s exhibition in Brno for the first time. I met some of my brothers and sisters there and I was classified as „Very promising“ . A month later I won in the category of young bitches in Ostrava and obtained CAJC. My owner trained me at the local training dog´s centre and I passed the exam of BH and ZOP. When I was 2, we went to Hradec Králové to a veterinary clinic, where they x-rayed my hips. The result was 0/0 and my owners were happy. We went to other dog´s exhibitions: Hlučín, Kroměříž and to the Polish towns of Rybnik and Nowy Targ.
Everywhere I obtained Bianka and A-puppiesgrade „Excellent“. In spring 2003 in Ostrava I got the title CAC. My family was so proud of me. That spring I also was at special hovawart´s event, called in Czech „Bonitace“ , where breeding counsellors examine young dogs and bitches, measure and weigh them and test the character. According to this they give every dog a breeding assessment code and decide if it is able to have puppies. And that happened to me on 23rd March 2003.
Soon after that we visited a very nice and succesful dog Hasko Gasko Prim, which became the father of my first puppies. More information can be found in section A - puppies.
The following year in 2004 I got the title CAC once more.
And now I am preparing to be a mother again. At least I hope I will be. On 25th April 2005 I met another lovely dog Jasper Plavý vítr and I liked him very much and he liked me, too.
So, ..... More information can be found in section B - puppies.


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