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Bianka Adamův Hrádek
Bianka Adamův Hrádek, CAJC, CAC,
ex. BH, ZOP, DKK 0/0

Hasko Gasko Prim
Hasko Gasko Prim, World winner,
Champ. CR, SR, DKK 0/0, 5/3aA1L4/5

They met: 17.4.2003
Birthday: 18.6.2003

Mother: Bianka Adamův Hrádek, CAJC, CAC, ex. BH, ZOP, DKK 0/0
Father: Hasko Gasko Prim, World winner, Champ. CR, SR, DKK 0/0, 5/3aA1L4/5

It was on Wednesday, Bianka seemed to be tired during the morning walk and I thought she was going to give a birth. I looked after her and examined her carefully, but then I had to go shopping and collect Izabela (my daughter) from kindergarten, I hurried back to her. Every time she welcomed me. And then at 18.30 I heard crying. To my surprise I found a little blond puppy on the grass. Bianka had already given birth! It was a girl, I put her into a blanket and warmed her and together with Bianka we went to the garage, where Bianka had a preapared birth case. At 19.25 she gave a birth to another blond girl, 20 minutes later a black and gold girl, 20.25 it was the first boy - blond, 21.15 a black and gold girl,
21.45 a blond boy, 22.15 and 23.25 two black and gold girls, and 5 minutes later a blond girl. Half an hour after midnight it was the only a black and gold boy. Then Bianka became calm and lay with her babies and she looked after them and it looked like it was over. However I stayed with her to make sure and at 1.45 there was another puppy - a black and gold girl. She was so small, she was about half size. Well, we had had 11 puppies.

The few first days after delivery Bianka was extremely hungry and she suffered from diarrhoea. I cooked her special food - chicken with rice and carrots, also herb tea, and in the end she recovered. On Saturday it was a very sad day, two puppies died. On Sunday a breeding counsellor, Mrs. Valušová, came to see our puppies and gave us some good advice. On the 4th July I discovered their first teeth. At the age of 2 weeks they started to crawl and open their eyes. From the age of 3 weeks I started to feed them. At first it was BOSH milk, then cottage cheese with milk and sponge-biscuits (they loved it), from 4 weeks dried food for puppies Eukanuba and Best choice. On the 1st August Mrs. Valušová came again to check the litter. She weighed them, examined them and then she said, that she recommended all of them to be entered into the Register of hovawarts (Plemenná kniha). I was very interested in her opinion about our puppies, because I thought they were very nice, but I loved them, so my opinion wasn´t objective.
She liked Archie¨s and Arina´s colour of hair and about Amanda she thought she was petit and sweet natured.

During the first 2 months the puppies were given three times medicine against worms and were also vaccinated. The worst experience for me, and for them too, was tattooing. It is really barbarous to make such a pain to small puppies. I would appreciate very much, if someone invented a different way of identification. In the second month of their life, the pupies had a lot of visitors. All the people, who came, liked them and when they chose the right dog or bitch for them, they fell in love. When they were 8 weeks old, they started to leave our house and move to their new families.
From 20. 8. We had only Bianka again. At first we missed them, but fortunately their new owners phoned us and told about them, sent us photos and sometimes even they visited us.
And I am now happy, because I know Bianka´s puppies have happy dog´s lives.

Name How I grow Shows, Exams, DKK:
Ariana  - VD - club show, DKK 2/3
Ariana - 4 weeks Ariana and Jakub Ariana
Anabela  - VD (club show), bonitace 10/06 - II. Tř. chovnosti, zk: ZOP, ZZO
Anabela - 4 weeks Anabela - 8 months Anabela
Arina - V-the club show Brno 2004, DKK 0/0, + 9/05
Arina 6 weeks Arina 5 months Arina 11 months
Archibald (Archie) - DKK 0/0, výborný, CAC, BOB, Champion of Poland, bonitace 9/06 - I tř. chovnosti
Zk: ZOP, ZPU 1
Archie 2 months Archie 2 months Archie 8 months
Aranka  (Ginger)
Ginger Ginger Ginger
Atos (Bono-Vox) - Výborný, CAC (Ostrava 2005), CAC (klubová výstava Kroměříž 2005), DKK 0/0, výborný, CAC (klub. výstava 5/06), bonitace 6/06 Zk: ZZO
Atos 10 weeks Bono Atos (Bono)
Amanda 4 weeks Amanda 9 weeks Amanda
Aramis 5 weeks Aramis 1 year
Adelaide (Adélka)
Adélka 8 weeks Adélka 1 year Adélka 1 year


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