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B e r e n i k a  z  R a j s k e h o   k o p c eBerenika - 2 měsíce
Berenika z Rajského kopce
26. 6. 2005
Jasper Plavy Vítr
Bianka Adamuv Hrádek
Renata Lupieńská, U Farmy 1277, Karviná-Ráj
Renata Lupieńská, U Farmy 1277, Karviná-Ráj

I was born 26. 6. 2005. My mother is Bianka Adamuv hradek and father Jasper Plavy vitr. My owners wanted to keep one puppy, a bitch, but they hadn't been decided definitely. We were born only two girls. My sister, black and gold, was very big and put on her weigh more than some our brothers. I was rather smaller. She was very cute and all loved her and admired. She wasn.'t afraid of anything. She explores everything, she liked the kennel and the way she jumped out of it. But at the end they chose me, because I am black, that means different from my mother.

When I was two months old, all my brothers left and I stayed here alone, only with my mother. But she wasn't very happy Rodinné foto - 9 týdnůabout it. She didn't want let me go into her kennel, she barked at me and growled. They said, that she brings me up. Then she understood she didn't get rid of me and put up with it. I have to admit, that I am not saint. I still bite my mum, draw her ears, when she doesn't look, I eat her food. I run after her everywhere, eventhough she doesn't want it. Sometimes she wants to relax and I feel like playing, so I don' t let her. On the other hand she sometimes bites me too, only out of love. She has taught me to bark. Usually I only watches her, but when she is somewhere in the back of our garden and some enemy is behind the fence, I run along the fence and bark and warn foreign people.

17. 10. I was for the first time at the training dog's centre. At the beginning I wasn't very sure there, but I managed it. I played there with my older brother Archibald. Later my brother Boston started to go thereAlgo a Boston na návštěvě too, so we trained together and then played.

At home it is a big fun, too. One cat is a good friend, but the other is unfriendly and I have to be careful. Sometimes I forget about it and then they call at me: no, Bery, no. I am good eater, very good eater.


Berenika - 12.2.2006
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